How will projects I submit be credited?
We ensure that every single project is credited to the original maker. The photo below shows the four places we are currently crediting makers, but this is something we are still working on. Let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can credit projects further or better.

FAQ- credit

I don’t want my entire DIY project displayed on bemakeful.com, how can I change this?
First off- tell us! We will take the directions down right away. This is something we’ve been debating with internally so please give us your feedback. Let us know if you’d like us to take out or limit the steps or just include a small summary of the project. We’ll only include the information that you’d like on your project pages.

What is the difference between voting for a project and liking or “hearting” a project?
We wanted to come up with a system where you would be able to go back to see projects that you like, but didn’t necessarily vote to win in a particular theme. For this reason, we allow community members to vote for projects as well as like them.

You can only vote for one project per theme and those votes are anonymous. You can like as many projects as you want and these projects will show up on your profile under the “liked” tab.

Why can’t I vote or like any projects?
We are currently in a beta phase of our website. We have a group of makers who are testing the functionality of the site in these early stages. Right now anyone can view the website and once the beta phase is over, anyone with any type of profile will be able to vote & like projects, as well as submit found projects.

What is the difference between a maker and a regular user?
A maker has complete access to the site and community. This means they can submit their own projects and projects from other makers as well as like and vote for projects. A regular user is very similar to a maker, but they cannot submit projects of their own.

How can I become a maker?
Let us know if you have an Etsy shop, a blog, or just a talent for creating! You can contact us at hello@bemakeful.com and we can give you full access to the site.

How can I change my login/password/description of a project?
Right now changes on the website need to be done manually by a member of our team. Let us know at hello@bemakeful.com if you’d like anything changed

I see a mistake on my profile/project page. How do I fix this?
Again, let us know what the mistake is at hello@bemakeful.com and we’ll correct it right away.

I have submitted projects through the newsletter, but I do not see them on the site. Why is this?
We have been manually uploading all of the projects from past newsletters and are not quite done yet! Be patient- we are hard at work uploading these and all of the projects will be on the site shortly. We have also saved all of the projects that each member has voted for and “liked” (ie. which additional projects would you consider creating yourself?). We will import this information into the site so that your profile will be complete and you can go back to see all of the projects you have liked in the past.

I see my project has been submitted, but I am not apart of the community- how did this happen?
We allow our community members to submit projects that they’ve found from other makers if they fit a theme. In this case, that’s you! This means that one of our members loved your project so much they wanted to share it with the rest of the community. We always credit the original maker and link back to their site/blog/shop/etc. If you would like your project removed from our site, just let us know at hello@bemakeful.com and we’d be happy to help!

I don’t think I have time to create a project every week. Can I submit projects from other makers that I have found?
Of course! We want to see any and all projects that you love. Whether it be something that you have personally made, or one that you have found and loved. Our goal is to find the best in crafting and we would love your help doing that! Note: we will always credit the original maker of the project.

Can I submit a project that I have created in the past?

Can I submit multiple projects.
Yes please!

What do we have to include when we submit the projects?
You can submit whatever you’ve got! If you’re submitting one of your own projects, pictures of the process would be great as well as the steps and a brief description of the project. If you’re submitting a project from another maker, we would need at least the link to the project and how you found it.

When do I have to submit projects by?
Generally, project submissions will be due at 11:59 PM EST every Sunday and votes will be accepted until Thursday at 11:59 PM EST each week. Exact dates will be included in each theme.

Are photos without instructions of handmade projects being accepted?
We want to encourage the community to submit projects that include instructions. However, if you have a project from your shop or blog that you’ve created and it doesn’t include steps or instructions, we will definitely include those as well!

What do you hope to achieve with bemakeful.com?
Our main objective is to create a community for makers and creatives to come together and share their love of crafting. We also want to give the community members exposure to their shop/blog/website and help them grow their own businesses.

I have another question/comment, who can I talk to?
We would love to answer any questions and we certainly want as much feedback as you can give us. Send us an email at hello@bemakeful.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!