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A Very Nutty Turtle

Iddle Peeps

This crazy little turtle is a fun kids food art meal or snack, packed full of tasty and nutritious flavour. A Very Nutty Turtle is made and assembled in under 3 minutes, it’s a quick, creative, fun and inspirational way to encourage your child (or children) to eat healthy foods, try new textures or simply to bring a sense of fun and anticipation to meal and snack-time.

Toddler meal times are often frustrating, stressful and wasteful – filled with tantrums and tears (and I’m not only talking about the little ones!). Maybe A Very Nutty Turtle can help out?! Older children could even put this together themselves.

“The Very Nutty Turtle’s favourite thing is to swim really really fast. He’s a brilliant swimmer and he’s also a smart little turtle. He knows that if he wants to swim fast, he needs to have lots of energy – from healthy food. Healthy food is what gives him the energy to swim faster for longer.

In fact, he eats so much healthy food that he can swim the fastest for the longest. The longer he swims, the fitter he gets. The fitter he gets, the faster he swims. What a clever, Very Nutty Turtle!”



Iddle Peeps is about inspiring totally do-able-kids-crafts & activities, mostly using recycled materials. We've got plenty of healthy & creative food art ideas, to inspire picky little eaters - all designed to take less than 3 minutes to assemble. We feature simple, nutritious family recipes and we review & showcase products that we think are…
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