Makeful Challenge: Cellphone Cases from My Johansson-Ganjoo

All Googly Eyes phonecase

My Johansson-Ganjoo

I got the inspiration for this project from a card my friend received from her niece. It was covered in googly eyes and I loved how she approached this funny craft tool – with absolutely no respect and in abundance! It’s over the top, funny and a fast (and cheap) project. I want to glue googly eyes on everything now! My favourite part was using this phonecase on the subway and being able to stare back at everyone looking at my phone ;)


  • Googly eyes
  • Well bond glue


My Johansson-Ganjoo

I'm a sewer, knitter and maker in Toronto (but born and raised in Sweden). I sew mostly garments but love any sort of crafts! And I can't fall asleep without at least 30 min of knitting every night.
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