Makeful Challenge: Cellphone Cases from Andrea Kneilands

Cell phone case

Andrea Kneilands

I am a sewist and I was trying to figure out my way of customizing the case so I decided to create a wallet that the case Velcro s into. I think it makes a great hands free option while the Velcro keeps it in and you cards are close at hand! Good for grocery shopping.


  • 8" x 7" of outside fabric
  • 8"x 12" inside fabric
  • 8"x7" thermolam
  • 14" zipper
  • 4" zipper

How to make it

Step 1: Cut out fabric . Mark zipper placement for change pocket.

Step 2: Place a rectangle of fabric face down on front of fabric. Mark zipper placement , sew a rectangle the size of your zipper. Turn fabric inside to bind opening.

Step 3: Shorten zipper. Insert in opening. Put a rectangle of fabric behind to make pocket for change. Baste around edge . Iron thermolam to back of face fabric, enclosing pocket.

Step 4: Pin zipper one side around 3 edges of rectangle, sew with zipper foot. Open and sew other side of zipper on remainder, so it will fold into wallet

Step 5: Fold larger rectangle to make pockets for cards. Sew around outside and down centre to secure.

Step 6: Add Velcro loop to cellphone case and hook side to the un pleated side of inside fabric. Stitch down to secure.

Step 7: Make loop of ribbon to fit around wrist. Sew in loop with swivel hook fastener attached. Sew small loop of fabric with d ring behind zipper.

Step 8: Place prepared fabric rectangles together and sew around opening keeping away from zipper but close to the stitching. Leave an opening to turn right side out.

Step 9: Check fit of plastic case. Top stitch around edge.

Step 10: Clip swivel hook to loop and place phone in case inside. Zip up and enjoy you handy wallet!


Andrea Kneilands

I operate a small interior design and soft goods seeing business. I specialize in bedding , drapery, slipcovers and small upholstered items
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