Makeful Challenge: Coasters

Chalk Marker Coasters

I love cork for its practicality, texture, and renewability! Using a chalk marker to create some whimsical wintery designs, this was an easy project to beginning settling the mood for winter festivities.


  • Cork Coasters
  • Chalk Maker (or white acrylic paint + paint brush)
  • Scrap paper for practicing doodles

How to make it

Step 1: Get supplies out and ready.
Prime the chalk marker a couple of time on a scrap piece of paper
Make a few doodles of what you plan on doing

Step 2: Begin with easy linear design, such as a snow flake.

Step 3: The chalk absorbs into the cork pretty quickly and you can go over your design many times to make the lines appear more white.

Step 4: You can repeat multiple times if you want matching coasters.
In this case, I have four designs that I wanted to create. In addition to the snowflake - Evergreen tree
Similar to the snowflake, straight line and straight branches. Add some flourish with dots around the edge!
Add a small star at the top to make it more christmassy, or leave blank for a more 'winter wonderland' look.

Step 5: Christmas lights:
Swooping lines
Small dots
Little strokes to attach the 'lights' to the string.

Step 6: Santa or Christmas Elf
Make a hat
Make a large round nose in the centre right underneath the hat
Add wild whiskers and fluffy trim
Leave space around the nose so it doesn't get lost!
Add several layers of the chalk marker on the 'nose' to make it stand out.
Again, I added some dots around the edge to match the evergreen tree

Step 7: Enjoy your hot drinks or a glass a wine


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