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Coast Into The Holiday Season!!

These coasters are made using Rangoli stencils. Rangoli is an Indian art, made using colored sand powder, colored rice, dry flour or flower petals. People believe that it brings good luck and is drawn mainly during festivals. It is basically a floor art, where you draw patterns using dots. Nowadays you get ready stencils and Rangoli making has become very simple. The Rangoli stencils are like regular screenprinting stencils. I have a good collection of these stencils and use them in various art projects.

For these coasters, I have used Rangoli stencils. The ink used is Speedball screenprinting ink. The coasters are first painted using acrylic colors in navy and cobalt ( I love shades of blue color). The rich gold against the navy and cobalt makes these coasters so sparkly and bright. Just perfect for the cold season. The favourite part (the difficult part too) was to choose the stencil from my collection :).


  • Coasters
  • Acrylic Paint - Navy, Cobalt Blue and Gold
  • Brushes
  • Stencils (Rangoli Stencil or any regular stencil will do)
  • Screenprinting ink in Gold
  • Mod Podge
  • Squeegee

How to make it

Step 1: Cover the coasters with your choice of color. In my case it was Navy and Cobalt Blue.

Step 2: Cover the sides in Gold color. I wanted the shine on the sides of the coaster so decided to color them gold.

Step 3: Select your stencils.

Step 4: Now is the fun part. Transfer the stencil pattern using your choice of color. I used screenprinting gold as it is rich sparkly color. The colors are wet in the image. But they give a heat embossed look.

Step 5: Let the color dry. After that apply a layer of mod podge. And then marvel the beauty of your new creation!!


Asha Sorokhaibam

Craft is a stress buster for me. I am a PMP certified Project Manager (IT) and crafting is a hobby. I love working with natural elements like burlap and jute. Love everything and anything handmade. Always learning new skills... more for the love of crafts :) Current passion is baking !!
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