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Cooking Is Love Made Visible

I love pineapples and so wanted to make something around them with a chic look. And it has turned out pretty cute i feel :)
Making the stencil for the pineapple was the hardest. I did put in a sweet sweet quote in there too to be inspired to cook more often.g


  • Cardboard
  • Paper cutter
  • Golden acrylic paint
  • Golden, silver and red marker pens

How to make it

Step 1: I first drew a pineapple stencil on a cardboard and cut it out with a cutter.

Step 2: Made the outlines for all the pineapples using golden marker all over the apron.

Step 3: Filled in the pineapple shapes with golden acrylic paint and wrote down the quote on the pocket.


Aishwarya Bhavsar

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