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Creatures of Canada Alphabet Poster


We’re a family who LOVES animals! With my son’s upcoming birth, I was inspired to illustrate an alphabet poster honouring an assortment of Canadian wildlife for him. I researched all possible animals/creatures as I wanted an assortment of birds, mammals and insects. Several of the creatures were sketched on paper, which I then completed on the computer. The neutral colour palette has an overall cool characteristic, yet carries quite a bit of warmth as well.

As it was such a special piece for us as a family, it was important I have this printed with real inks on quality stock. I sourced a local printer and printed 250. Each print is numbered. Once all 250 have sold, I’ll print a new run using a different palette.

We’ve since hung my son’s poster over his crib and he loves it! I find him staring at it throughout the day. I can’t wait for us to recite all of the animals together. Our friends who’ve purchased the poster have shared their children’s enthusiasm for the piece — all of them choosing a favourite animal. While I’ve had other friends purchase it for their homes, as an art piece.

My favourite part is the poster’s versatility and knowing it’s bringing joy to so many different people. I’m also a sucker for woodland creatures!



  • Digital illustration
  • CMYK ink plates
  • 80lb Cougar Smooth Cover stock


Mélanie Kimmett

My name is Mélanie Kimmett. I’m a designer and illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. I’m naturally curious and absorb many visual cues from the world around me, especially where the changing seasons’ colours are concerned. Not one palette is ever the same from season to season – I love that! I’m a keener for most…
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