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DIY Chair Makeover

View From The Fridge

Take an old chair and make it look brand new.



  • Fabric of your choice to recover the existing cushion
  • Paint of your choice to re-paint the Chair
  • Mini paint roller
  • Sandpaper/Sander

How to make it

Step 1: Remove cushion from chair with 6 screws.

Step 2: Measure top surface of cushion as well as depth and cut fabric accordingly. Then cut a square in each corner

Step 3: Sew edges on each corner together, right sides facing, to create corner seams.

Step 4: Now for the frame: Sand all edges that will be visible.

Step 5: Wipe down all sanded edges to ensure they’re dust/debris free. And then paint!

Step 6: Let dry, and reattach covered cushion … mission accomplished!


Katie Stahl

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