#MakefulChallenge: Aprons from Lorrie Everitt Studio

DIY Holiday Apron

Lorrie Everitt Studio

When I received my apron a couple of weeks ago I knew that I would need to keep my project simple so I could fit it into my busy work schedule. The apron challenge was inspired by Jacob’s Creek Wines so I knew that I wanted to add a wine retailed detail to my apron design. I added a cute holiday saying and some simple illustrations using a paint pen.


  • apron
  • black Sharpie paint pen
  • paper
  • pencil
  • scissors


Lorrie Everitt

I am a DIY enthusiast who loves to craft, bake, design, take pictures and entertain at her home and cottage. When I'm not creating, you'll find me online blogging, pinning projects and searching Instagram for crafting and party inspiration.
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