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When my good friend told me she was pregnant, I knew I had to make her baby something special. This friend of mine is très chic, her home is beautiful and I knew whatever I made, had to be something that would fit in with her fabulous style. I decided I would venture away from my usual embroidery hoops and try my hand at knitting! I had been playing with some chenille wool and trying to figure out what I could do with it when it struck me… something plush, but not a toy… and something that the baby would be able to enjoy for years to come! The faux taxidermy mounted teddy head is hand knit using dove grey Bernat Blanket yarn using knit 1 pearl 1 on a 4 inch knitting loom. The eyes are glass and the cute little nose is hand formed using ultra-soft lambskin leather. It is stuffed using cotton batten and is mounted on a pine plaque which was hand beveled (by my dad) and stained to look like sun-bleached wood. “Drew Bear-ymore” now hangs above little Nina’s crib and she greets bear every morning with a kiss and a squeeze!


Sam Bones

My biker boyfriend has a vest covered in rogue and hilarious patches. One day while sewing yet another patch onto his tough Eat Dust denim vest, I looked down at the patch and thought, pfft, I could do this. And so, Bones & Stitches was born. I make each and every patch or pin myself,…
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