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DIY Vintage Hanky Doggie Tee Dress

My Co Called Crafty Life

A cute take on a doggy dress – upcycle a vintage handkerchief!



  • Dog Tee
  • Hankerchief or Bandana, Scarf, Etc….
  • Trim
  • Buttons, patches, etc…
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine and Thread
  • Straight Pins

How to make it

Step 1: Start by cutting your hanky in half. Fold over the raw edge by about a quarter inch then fold it over again encasing the raw edge, then iron. Stitch the folded edge down close to the edge. Then put your stitch length on your basting stitch and stitch a basting stitch across the top about an eighth or so from the edge.

Step 2: Gather your hanky skirt. Pin your hanky skirt to the bottom of your tee.

Step 3: Stitch your skirts to your tees. Then add trim to the bottom of the tees. I stitched a line of ricrac to the hem of the tee on the aqua floral and stitched a row of periwinkle flower trim to the gathers at the top of the skirt on the polka dot.

Step 4: You can finish off your tee by sewing on some buttons or a little patch of your hanky.


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