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DIY Wooden Bath Caddy

Lemon Thistle

Under $20.00, easy to assemble wooden bath caddy.



  • 1x4 board
  • 1x2 board
  • Miter saw or circular saw
  • Sand paper or sander
  • Drill, small bit
  • 1 1/4" screws with matching bit
  • Stain and sealant of your choice

How to make it

Step 1: Start by measuring out your bath tub. Measure how wide you would like the top to be and where you should position the supports to keep it from slipping off the edges (this is just inside your tub). Then, cut your 1x4s to length. The 1x2 strips for the supports need to be cut long enough to hold all the boards together.

Step 2: When your pieces are cut, lay them out and line up your supports. Mark out where your screws need to be to attach the boards and screw them in.

Step 3: When everything is assembled, sand it down and apply stain. When the stain is dry, apply the sealant to protect the bath caddy from moisture.


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I'm a DIY and lifestyle blogger over at Lemon Thistle where I focus on home decor, DIY, gifts, printables, and parties. I'm also the mama to twin toddlers so that makes it in there as well! My shop focuses on hand lettered printable art.
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