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Driftwood & Lavender Wreath

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The combination of the delicate and fragrant lavender with the raw and natural driftwood is a perfect balance. This creates an awesome whimsical wreath for your front door!



  • Bunches of dried lavender
  • 6 pieces of driftwood: 4 for frames and 2 more interesting pieces for the cross-bars
  • Floral wire
  • Fishing line
  • Scissors

How to make it

Step 1: 0. Cut the lavender and while still fresh, tie together 15-20 stems of lavender in small bunches with the lavender stems themselves and put them in a cool, dark place to dry for one week.

Step 2: 1. In the meantime, you can began to form the “window frame”. Chose driftwood at varying lengths and textures and play around with the look until you are happy with the arrangement. Start to assemble the wreath at one corner by overlapping and twisting wire in an “X” shape until the corner is secure. Repeat this technique on all other corners. Attach the cross-bars using a similar overlapping and twisting method.

Step 3: 2. Once the lavender is ready, take one bundle at a time starting at one corner and begin to tie them to the frame using fishing line. Continue tying the bundles all the way around until the window frame is fully covered. Gently tuck the final bunch was under the first one, and then trim the ends for a tidier finish.


Jane & Sonja

Our love of crafting and passion for handmade started at an early age. These days you'll find us busy sewing, knitting, baking or upcycling great thrift store and curbside finds to bring new life to something old.
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