Burnt Orange from Kaye Prince

Falling Maple

Kaye Prince

The original orange Falling Maple quilt was made as a gift for a beautiful baby girl born in October, and features an enlarged version of the traditional maple leaf quilt block. The tutorial I wrote shows how to make a scrappy version of this quilt with three different printed fabrics used for the leaf, but you can attain a look closer to the original by substituting these three fabrics for one and following the same instructions.


  • Printed cotton fabric for leaf
  • Solid cotton fabric for background
  • Cotton fabric for backing
  • Cotton fabric for binding
  • Thread
  • Batting


Kaye Prince

Mild mannered librarian by day, sailor-mouthed pattern designer and consummately crafty person the rest of the time! I design quilt, cross stitch, and sewing patterns, but also love to knit, embroider, and work on custom commission pieces.
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