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Hand lettering has always been a passion of mine, its not only calligraphy I love but every font, every type and all the details of the parts of the letters themselves. In my life, quotes have changed my perspective and direction of many things, they have helped me move forward in my creativity, they have helped me overcome sadness, they have encouraged me to grow. My perspective always is to take lettering and apply it to different things, surfaces, techniques to create informative and inspirational art. I wanted to share this project as I think it is an easy, inexpensive and beautiful way to display quotes that you love. My favourite part is always hanging it up in the end.


  • Graph Paper
  • Sakura Pigma Sensei Pen in 06
  • Ikea Nyttja Frame 5 x 7"
  • Sharpie Waterbased Paint Pen in Extra Fine
  • 3M Command Hooks Picture Hanging System

How to make it

Step 1: Choose a quote you love and create your artwork on graph paper keeping in mind the space that you have, for this project I used a 5 x 7" frame, so I kept my lettering sized to that specification.

Step 2: Remove the cardboard backing and the plastic sheet from the IKEA Nyjtta frame, you will not be needing the backing any longer and the plastic will be your surface to letter on. Make sure your surface is clean, and that your hands are not greasy, from hand cream or dinner =) when working on this piece, the reason being the paint pen doesn't stick to greasy surfaces.

Step 3: Tape the plastic into place as you do not want any shifting or movement when you are lettering your art from the graph paper.

Step 4: Trace your artwork with the Sharpie waterbased paint pen, following as closely as you can to your original artwork.

Step 5: Allow artwork to dry thoroughly, 5 minutes should be enough.

Step 6: Place plastic sheet with artwork back in to the frame without the cardboard backing.

Step 7: Add a 3m Command picture hanging Velcro system to the back, this piece is really light so I just used one piece.

Step 8: Hang and Enjoy!!


Doris Wai

Hi I'm Doris! I am an illustrator with a deep love for lettering. I am a graduate of OCAD, and I currently own my business Love Lettering. Based out of Toronto, I offer my lettering and illustration services to clients for weddings, businesses, and product design.
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