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MAKE IT BIG, make it small

Jenny and Lucas learn how to fly in a vertical wind tunnel. And then back at the craft space, they use their science lesson to build a fun hanging mobile.



  • Rigid wire eg. coat hanger wire or 3mm wire
  • Flexible wire eg. 1.0 mm galvanized steel wire
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Objects to hang. eg. Wooden blocks, decorated styrofoam balls, paper cut outs
  • Screw Eyes (optional)
  • Fishing line
  • Small sturdy elastic band
  • Small hooks (can be pre-made, bent from wire or even paper clips)

How to make it

Step 1: Begin with: a straight piece of rigid wire such as wire from a sturdy coat hanger (note: you can use the entire coat hanger as the initial piece)

Step 2: Bend both ends of this wire to create hooks for hanging objects

Step 3: To hang, double loop an elastic around the wire and tie with a long piece of fishing wire

Step 4: Attach a hook to the end of the fishing line to hang from ceiling

Step 5: Hang Objects: Each object will need to be attached to either a piece of wire or fishing line for hanging. Use screw eyes for wooden objects such as blocks. Plastic or paper objects can be glued to fishing line.

Step 6: Hang objects in any way, testing for balance after each object is hung. Move the top wire along the elastic to find the balance point. Smaller rigid wire can be used to hang multiple objects by bending hooks on either end.


MAKE IT BIG, make it small

From exploring the monstrous Tyranosaurus Rex to flying inside a wind tunnel, MAKE IT BIG make it small explores big experiences that make kids go wow! By explaining epic science and technology, kids are inspired to apply new knowledge to their own DIY projects and crafts they create at home.
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