Geometric Shapes from Craftastic Journeys

Geometric Watercolour Notecards

Craftastic Journeys

Shapes and colours, and then more shapes and more colours! This easy-to-do project is all about finding freedom and movement among strict shapes. The hard lines of geometric design don’t always have to tell a story of consistency and pattern; it can be a story of fluidity, adaptation and in-congruence. My favorite part of this project however are the vintage Canadian postage stamps, which are where I drew my colour inspiration from.


  • pebeo watercolour palette
  • Strathmore watercolour cards
  • Pentel black marker
  • Vintage Canadian stamps


Elizabeth Mazurek

I'm a relaxation crafter. I love getting my hands into something after a long day at work. My current interests include calligraphy, paper arts, watercolour, baking and cross stitch. Although I've never met a craft I haven't liked!
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