Washi Tape from Margot Austin

Graphic Tape Door DIY

Margot Austin

This is my favourite kind of project — high impact, low budget, low effort, easily changeable. I already had the black tape on hand, but if even if you had to buy tape your maximum spend is about $10 to $12. I took me 15 minutes to complete. No measuring. Just go for it. Now I’m thinking of painting a few of the resulting triangles in bright yellow…



  • washi tape (or you can use electrical tape)
  • scissors

How to make it

Step 1: Apply tape in desired pattern. Done!


Margot Austin

I'm a freelance stylist, decorator and editor. I make many things! Sewing? Check. Power tools? Check. Painting? Check. Floral arranging? Check. Paper projects? Check. Cooking? Check(ish) - do smoothies and mixing cocktails count as cooking?
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