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Hand-stamped Super Loot Bag

The Mother Boards

Who needs more plastic bags? Nobody. A colorful stamp and a cute tag turn a simple off-the-shelf drawstring tote into a Super Loot Bag. The best part, my son had fun designing the stamp and helping me out with the actual stamping. The makeful family!



  • cloth drawstring bags
  • acrylic paint
  • 1 sheet of crafting foam
  • small tray
  • small roller
  • white cardstock paper and printer to make the tags
  • scissors

How to make it

Step 1: I love the simple, graphic lightning bolt my son wanted as the bag design. You find something online and print or you can just freestyle your own.

Step 2: I created the stamp from a simple piece of crafting foam (the thin kind your kid can cut). It works perfectly fine to stamp a few bags so no need for anything more substantial.

Step 3: Simply use a small roller to apply acrylic paint

Step 4: Press firmly on bag, then peel off in one motion. Dead easy.

Step 5: The tags I designed in Illustrator, using the (free!) fonts Chinacat and Komika Bubbles. I printed them on my simple home printer on white cardstock and cut them by hand, leaving a small white border on the outside of the “bubble”.

Step 6: Punch with hole puncher and tie to bag cord.


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