Jute Jewellery

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Jenny and Lucas take a trip on a marine railway. And then it’s back to the craft space to make some jute jewellery.




  • Jute
  • Scissors
  • Trinket or stone for necklace

How to make it

Step 1: For a necklace, cut four lengths of jute at least 30 inches or 75cm long

Step 2: Take one piece of jute and fold in half.  Using the looped end, tie a loop knot that will be large enough to support the bottom of your stone or trinket. Take a second piece of jute, fold in half and make a reef knot in the first loop.  Repeat with the other two pieces.

Step 3: You will have created a square with four knotted corners.  Place your stone or trinket into the square to see if it is the correct size.

Step 4: Pulling one piece of jute from one corner and another piece from an adjacent corner, tie into an overhand know leaving an appropriate amount of space.  You can use a pencil or your finger as a spacer. Repeat with remaining jute and test with your trinket or stone.

Step 5: One you have tied as many knots as you need to secure your object, tie all strings in a knot at the top the of stone or trinket tightly.

Step 6: Finish the necklace by braiding, tying knots or adding beads to the jute.


MAKE IT BIG, make it small

From exploring the monstrous Tyranosaurus Rex to flying inside a wind tunnel, MAKE IT BIG make it small explores big experiences that make kids go wow! By explaining epic science and technology, kids are inspired to apply new knowledge to their own DIY projects and crafts they create at home.
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