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I was struggling to find a storage solution for my kids’ art supplies so that they could easily access them (and clean them up) themselves. They were stored way up high in a Tupperware container, so when my kids were done playing with them, they never got put away. The supplies would just end up everywhere. I grabbed some $1 buckets from Target’s Dollar Spot, and some hooks from Target as well and hung the buckets on the wall above their craft table. It was such a simple project that made a huge difference! It’s so easy for them to take the buckets off the wall and grab what they need then hang them right back up when they’re done!


  • Hooks Target
  • $1 Buckets from Target

How to make it

Step 1: Buy your hooks and buckets.

Step 2: Mount the hooks on the wall.

Step 3: Hang the buckets on the hooks and add in your art supplies!



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