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Leather Mandle DIY

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Learn how to make this leather scented mandle DIY for Dad as a Father’s day gift! This leather mandle DIY is quick and easy and can be made and gifted in the same afternoon. What’s a mandle? Why, a man candle of course! Here’s how to make yours. I love the unique scent of leather this candle emits. It smells fantastic without having an overwhelming manly cologne type smell that some candles have.


  • 4.7 oz. soy candle wax
  • .47 oz. leather fragrance oil
  • medium wood wick
  • 7.5 oz Clear Glass Square Candle Jar
  • Jolee’s Boutique Wild West Dimensional Stickers
  • metal utensil for stirring
  • microwave (or double boiler)
  • 4 cup glass Pyrex measuring cup
  • digital scale

How to make it

Step 1: For more information and links to project suppliers, be sure to visit the original blog post on my blog, Soap Deli News.

Begin by using a digital scale, weigh out the soy wax into the glass Pyrex measuring cup. Heat in the microwave at 50-60% power until the wax melts. (Alternately you can melt the wax in a double boiler.)

Now prepare your wood wick. Measure the height needed and cut the wick to fit. (It’s suggested that you double up the wood wicks when making candles using 100% soy wax for a better burn.) Place the wood wick(s) in the molten wax for ten minutes.

Step 2: Now pour the wax into the candle jar and allow it to cool and harden completely. Don’t burn for at least 24 hours.

Step 3: Now add your choice of the wild west three dimensional stickers to the outside of your candle jar and it’s ready for gifting!

Ready to burn your candle? Be sure to cut the wick(s) to a quarter inch before lighting.

Remember to never leave the candle unattended and don’t forget to blow it out when you’re done burning your new mandle!


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