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Makeful Apron Challenge

I love blockprinting and have always enjoyed the process of blockprinting. I love to see block printed beautiful fabrics. For this apron also, i wanted an Indigo and white combination. The plan was to dye the apron in indigo color and block print in white. But I was short of time, so instead went for an Indigo print on white.

The favorite part of the project was the stamping process. With each block stamp, the apron was turning into this beautiful peice of art. I love how it looks with the paisley all over print.


  • Makeful Apron
  • Screenprinting Ink
  • Wooden Block


Asha Sorokhaibam

Craft is a stress buster for me. I am a PMP certified Project Manager (IT) and crafting is a hobby. I love working with natural elements like burlap and jute. Love everything and anything handmade. Always learning new skills... more for the love of crafts :) Current passion is baking !!
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