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Nail & String Art Piece

Miss Jane

A form of Nail & String art. I gather local driftwood, preferably with old nails or paint still strewn across it somewhere and typically nail in the pattern of near by islands. I live on Vancouver Island and have friends from most of the gulf islands. I hammer in the shape of each island then wrap string around each nail. Its quite an easy process if you get a good piece of driftwood and can be quite cathartic as well. Sometimes I will do custom pieces such as the peace sign. The Peace sign shown above in particular, I felt looked better without string. I use mainly brass nails but have used white and black as well. White string is my go to but you can experiment with any colour or textile you can wrap around the nails tightly without it splitting.


Stacy Luck

I am dedicated to sharing ephemeral and fleeting thoughts and ideas of what I find beautiful and interesting to anyone and everyone willing to share in the beauty of refurbished finds, paintings, pottery, weaving, stitching and anything crafty.
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