Tote-ally Makeful from Lynn Wyminga

Needle Felted Sunflower tote

Lynn Wyminga

I love sunflowers and they cheer me up year round, so why not bring one with me wherever I go?



  • plain cotton tote bag
  • needle felting foam
  • chalk (optional)
  • felting needle or multi-needle tool
  • wool roving (I chose brown, orange, green, and 3 tones of yellow)

How to make it

Step 1: Gather your materials and insert the felting foam in the tote bag where you would like to make the sunflower. (Optional: draw your sunflower onto the bag with chalk.) Needle the centre in brown and then the petals in light yellow. Every once in a while, separate the bag from the foam.

Step 2: Add the darker yellow in the centre of your petals. Then add the darkest yellow up one side of that centre (to each petal), adding some depth to your flower.

Step 3: Using very little (thin wisps) orange, needle around the outside of your centre. Then needle a thin wisp of light green in the centre.
If you have a multi-needle tool, go over the whole project a few times to firm it up and anchor your roving securely. If you only have a single needle, you can do the same, it will just take a few more minutes!

Step 4: You're done!


Lynn Wyminga

I'm a knitter who loves the magic of felting. I want my work to be functional and durable, but it also needs to be fun and beautiful. I teach needle felting, passing on the fun, easy to learn, take-out-the-day's frustrations craft to many others in the east end of Toronto.
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