Makeful Challenge: Cellphone Cases

Pineapple Tassel Party!

The Toronto heat wave inspired my phone. It was been so hot it has felt like a tropical vacay in the 6ix these days…
I love bold patterns and pineapples are a must – always! When I found this adorable patterned paper, I had to use it. However, it seemed too simple to just insert a slip of paper or tape the exterior of the case. That is where the tassels come in, it gives the case some life as they bounce around. I was able to sew them into the case, challenging but it give this little DIY some zing. It made the phone case feel like a tropical beach party!
Hope you enjoy it :)


  • Thread 2 colours
  • Beads assorted colours
  • Jewellery Rings 3
  • Needle 1
  • Foil Paper 1 sheet
  • Crafting Knife 1
  • Sharpie 1
  • Tape 2 small pieces

How to make it

Step 1: Trace out around the phone case onto desired foil paper
Cut out stencil of interior phone case using crafting knife
Insert into interior of phone case
Cut our camera hole using crafting knife

Step 2: Select desired string and start to make tassels, ensure that jewellery rings are inserted at the start to allow for affixing the tassels to the case
Once tassels are completed, sew on mini beads into the head of the tassel
Thread string through phone case
Tie off thread once you have make a small knot
Tape ends of thread to back of foil paper

Step 3: Insert phone back into the case
Enjoy your tropical tassel pineapple beach party!


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