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Pink Sparkle Tray & Cupcakes

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Some people think you need to bring a cake to a party, but I think sometimes you need to bring a little bit of party to your cakes. Jazz up any old serving platter with washi tape to fit your mood – and then change it up whenever you feel like it! (Dollar store white tray with pink sparkle washi tape pictured here). Go the extra mile by simply wrapping some washi tape and fringed tissue paper around a stick.



  • Washi Tape
  • Plastic serving tray
  • Cupcakes
  • Wilton 6" lollipop sticks
  • tissue paper
  • double sided tape


Elizabeth Mazurek

I'm a relaxation crafter. I love getting my hands into something after a long day at work. My current interests include calligraphy, paper arts, watercolour, baking and cross stitch. Although I've never met a craft I haven't liked!
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