Rollercoaster Interactive Wall-Art

MAKE IT BIG, make it small

Jenny and Lucas take a ride on the tallest rollercoaster in Canada to find out how it works. Then they’re back in the craft space to make fun interactive wall-art.


  • Test your track often to make sure everything connects properly as the ball rolls down
  • Reposition pipes, dowels, elastics, etc if issues arise (closer together or further apart, more or less
  • angled…)
  • Lean the board against the wall so the ball can roll easier.
  • Replacing the elastics may help to reduce bouncing on the track as they may have stretched out over time.
  • Paint it or add stickers to blank peg board



  • Peg Board 32w x 42H (or any size desired)
  • Dowels to match the size of holes on the peg board
  • Marbles – wood, glass or metal; experiment with different sizes
  • Hammer
  • Paint , stickers, glitter, etc
  • Elastics
  • Pipes, slinkies, cupboard handles, metal track, etc.
  • 2 pieces trim board 2x1 (white)
  • Wire
  • 2 zip ties
  • Fun Parts to put on the board as decoration

How to make it

Step 1: Paint the pegboard with any colours and designs you'd like

Step 2: It is best to start from the top and work your way down

Step 3: Tap dowels into the peg board, making sure that they are angled slightly downwards

Step 4: Join two dowels using a couple of elastics – this will be the track for the marble

Step 5: Use handles or slinkies for banking at the end of each little track to switch directions

Step 6: Continue until the course reaches the bottom


MAKE IT BIG, make it small

From exploring the monstrous Tyranosaurus Rex to flying inside a wind tunnel, MAKE IT BIG make it small explores big experiences that make kids go wow! By explaining epic science and technology, kids are inspired to apply new knowledge to their own DIY projects and crafts they create at home.
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