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Rustic Woodlands Valentine's Day Cake

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How do you tell someone who has an aversion to pink hearts that you love them? How do you add a bit of SAP to your special day in a non-traditional way? With a rustic, outdoorsy cake filled with trees, complete with punny bunting.

Significantly easier than it looks, the cake decorations can be made in approximately 30 minutes. Balsa wood and twine make the bunting. The trees are made by squirting white chocolate (dyed green, of course) over a pretzel stick. This TREE-rific kid-friendly activity is topped off with the funnest task of all – dusting icing sugar all over the cake (and probably the counter and floor too!) to create the look of freshly fallen snow. You’ll PINE for a way to SPRUCE up all your holidays this way.

And the best part: surprising them with the cake. Second best part: eating the cake!



  • Decorations:
  • balsa wood veneer
  • DeSerres twin tip felt markers
  • hot glue gun
  • twine
  • bamboo skewers
  • white chocolate
  • Wilton "moss green" food dye
  • pretzel sticks
  • icing sugar
  • sugar crystals
  • The Food:
  • Family secret tomato soup cake
  • Rebar's white chocolate cream cheese icing

How to make it

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I'm a relaxation crafter. I love getting my hands into something after a long day at work. My current interests include calligraphy, paper arts, watercolour, baking and cross stitch. Although I've never met a craft I haven't liked!
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