Makeful Challenge: Cellphone Cases

Subtle Sheen Phone Case

With wedding season upon us, why not get a little fancy? One of my go-to’s in any makeup stash is a good highlighter, and that’s what left me feeling inspired. This is a super simple but elegant DIY that leaves your phone case as luminous as your look. (Plus, who doesn’t need an excuse to get some iridescent scrapbook paper, right?)


  • clear phone case
  • cardstock
  • double-sided tape

How to make it

Step 1: Trace your phone case on a single piece of cardstock and cut it out. This will be the base for your phone case.

Step 2: Using another piece of cardstock, trace about halfway from the bottom of the phone case and cut this out. This will be your pocket.

Step 3: Using double-sided tape, tape around all edges of that half piece of cardstock excluding the top part. Tape that onto your base and there you have a dual-coloured case complete with a little pocket to store your favourite polaroids from the night.



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