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Teacup Succulents


I recently inherited a set of mismatched, bone china teacups and saucers from my Grandmother. I do not like to drink tea from them because I like larger mugs (I think tea should be served by the gallon!) but I wanted to find a use for these little cups that my Grammie had cherished so dearly. Since she was an avid gardener, I thought the cups might make the perfect little planters, and so I went to the local garden store and found some wee succulents that I planted in the cups. In the bottom of each cup I put a couple styrofoam packing pellets to aid with drainage (succulents do not like to be wet) and then paired the little plants in two or threes in the cups. Lightly water once a week, and watch your new plant babies grow!
Teacups would also make a cute little kitchen herb garden–the possibilities are endless!


  • Assorted teacups
  • Succulents
  • Cacti Potting Soil
  • Gravel or Styrofoam Pellets (for drainage)


Zöe Costanzo

Obsessed with crafting and DIY! Currently I work with cross stitch, crochet, baking, and calligraphy, but I have yet to meet a craft I haven't loved!
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