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Thanksgiving in the Barn

Recreational Decorator

With cobbled-together tables, a collection of chairs, an old damask drape for the table cloth we can finally all sit together. Gourds and pumpkins from the garden decorate the table along with wooden place cards cut from trees downed in the bush and found, vacant birds’ nests. A long work bench serves as the ideal buffet which features a turkey grown from a local farm just down the road.


Cynthia Zamaria

WHAT I MAKE...DIY DECOR . Simple but impactful home furnishings/accessories food and florals. Like a pro, even if it's just for fun. ABOUT ME...Blogger, boss lady, mum of 3, wife of 1. Maker. Recreational Decorator. Profiled in mags, ezines, TV shows and consumer events like One of a Kind
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