#MakefulChallenge: Aprons from Stacy Luck

Threaded Apron

Stacy Luck

My favourite part of this needle and threaded apron was the pockets, I could have worked on the pockets all day! Since its Fall, I decided to spruce up this apron with splashes of fall colours! Simple needle and thread work.


  • Apron
  • Various colours "friendship bracelet" thread
  • scissors
  • sewing needle
  • pencil
  • ruler

How to make it

Step 1: You first have to mark out where you want to thread, I used single diamonds and triangles.

Step 2: Next, choose a starting point which will always be your return point. Thread your first point through, knot the back and start moving your way in any direction you choose, always ending at the same starting point.

Step 3: Have fun and sew away!


Stacy Luck

I am dedicated to sharing ephemeral and fleeting thoughts and ideas of what I find beautiful and interesting to anyone and everyone willing to share in the beauty of refurbished finds, paintings, pottery, weaving, stitching and anything crafty.
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