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Tin Can Luminaries

Love by Lynzie

The budget friendly luminaries can be used as votives, table numbers or signs and add a little sparkle to your table scapes and walkways.

Photo Credit: Richelle Hunter



  • Tin cans of varying sizes
  • Spray paint in your choice of colour (we used Krylon’s quick dry spray paint in Pistachio and Ivory)
  • A large, sturdy nail
  • A hammer
  • Tealight candles 
  • A Lighter

How to make it

Step 1: After cleaning your cans of any excess labelling or glue, spray evenly with the spray paint. Let stand for about 15 minutes or until dry.

Step 2: Draw out a pattern on your can using a pencil. Holding the nail firmly in place above the pattern, begin to punch holes into the can using the hammer and nail.

Step 3: Light a tealight candle and gently place in the centre of your luminary.

Step 4: Line walkways, aisles and tables as you see fit!


Lynzie Kent

Lynzie is a DIY maven, event planner extraordinaire, and owner of the visionary brand Love by Lynzie. Encouraged to be creative by her musician parents, Lynzie explores many creative passions, from singing and songwriting, to wedding planning and vintage DIY crafting. As the host of the Makeful TV series, Post My Party, Lynzie shows viewers…
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