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Upcycled Vintage Glass Candleholders

Life Over Easy

These gorgeous thrift store bowls were too pretty to leave behind! A little silicon adhesive was all I needed to create these showstopping candle holders for my dining room table. Besides the low cost, the best part is that they provide the perfect excuse to indulge next time I’m hunting for pretty vintage glassware!


  • 12 various thrift store dessert bowls and plates
  • LePage Stick’n Seal Extreme Repair Adhesive

How to make it

Step 1: Choose a variety of vintage glass plates and bowls and try stacking them together until you get the size and shape of candle holder you love. Make sure that each piece stacks with a good contact area for applying adhesive. For example, a bowl with a wavy or cut glass edge would be suitable for the top, but not for the body where you need to connect to another piece. Apply a layer of LePage Stick’n Seal Extreme Repair Adhesive to connect each piece. Make sure to apply sufficient adhesive, especially if your glassware is heavy. Allow to dry at least 24 hours. Enjoy!


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