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Washi World

Rhya and the Friendly Things

Make your own Washi World! This is a sweet and simple craft… main theme here “just cover it in WASHI!” Just follow that one lesson and all will be wonderful!

Oh and the best part about this project… is getting to play with it after it’s all finished!



  • Box - size of your choosing
  • White craft paper - For painted sun and Washi covered trees
  • Washi, Washi and more Washi!
  • Wooden blocks
  • Corks
  • Tooth picks
  • Acrylic paint
  • Scissors
  • Exacto knife
  • Cutting board
  • Oh and of course a little magic and imagination!

How to make it

Step 1: I love dioramas! There is something so fun about crafting a tiny space, where anything is possible. Where some simple corks can be transformed into a posse of friends, warming their spirits by a colorful camp fire.

To make my Washi World, I decided on a theme. I wanted it to be a bright and happy winter woodland camping trip… mostly because my family and I have been wanting to go on one of these, but the schedule has not permitted it this year, and well, it really hasn’t been all that wintery.

Step 2: I chose about four different shades of Washi tape from my collection that meshed and felt somewhat wintery. I found a suitable sized box, cut in half, cut off the top and then painted it white using acrylics. I made some trees by covering paper with my Washi tape in strips and then cutting out simple triangle shapes that had a small flat that could fold under them to keep them upright.

Step 3: The “flower blocks”, which aren’t wintery, but more for displaying a Washi pattern I love (come on this is make believe, I’m just going to say they are winter flowers), well these floral pieces are just tiny wooden craft blocks covered in tape! So simple. And the camp fire sticks, tooth picks also covered in Washi… I think you can see the theme emerging here— Just cover it in WASHI!

The bunting, if you haven’t guessed it already, just a piece of Washi folded over a string and cut into a triangle shape!

Step 4: To create my tiny spirits, I used some small corks I found in a dollar store, and then painted them different colors and added some faces. To give them a bit more interest and tie them into the scene, I created a pattern on each one of them using pre-cut Washi shapes. I placed a strip, sticky side down, on my cutting board and cut into it with an exacto knife and then pulled the shapes up one by one and placed them on the spirits. It worked out pretty well!

The only thing I didn’t cover in Washi was the sun, because I didn’t have any yellow! But it is taped up with Washi, so that must count for something! Ha!

Step 5: Once I had all my pieces, I put this little scene together! And I’m pretty thrilled with how it turned out. What fun! It’s like I have my own little winter world to keep me company everyday!

This is a fairly opened ended craft. Anyone can make a Washi World… all it takes is some imagination, some key materials and a whole lot of WASHI! I wonder what your world will be?


Rhya Tamasauskas

Co Founder of the Monster Factory, a Toronto based plush toy brand. Maker, dreamer, creator of characters and storyteller.
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