Makeful Challenge: Coasters

Wooden Chevron Coasters

Fellow maker Cormac Eby has spent his life waiting for an excuse to buy a large box of assorted veneer from Lee Valley, and this seemed like a perfect Makeful Challenge to test out some new wood techniques. Building off a previous Makeful Challenge (Wood veneer cell phone case), an assortment of three woods were used to create various chevron patterns. The best part is that this could be easily replicated with any sort of material: paper, ribbon, scraps, fabric etc. All you need is a good ruler to keep the lines straight.


  • Assorted wood veneer
  • Cork coasters
  • Ruler
  • Exacto knife
  • Super glue
  • Minnewax spray varnish

How to make it

Step 1: See "Geometric Wood Pattern Cell phone case": a new application of old techniques. Make sure to top these with a coat of spray varnish to protect them from moisture.


Elizabeth Mazurek

I'm a relaxation crafter. I love getting my hands into something after a long day at work. My current interests include calligraphy, paper arts, watercolour, baking and cross stitch. Although I've never met a craft I haven't liked!
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