Top 10 Bold Pattern and Color DIYs

Bold patterns, bright colors and geometric shapes are a great way to add that “wow” factor to your space. There are a lot of different ways to incorporate them into your home décor and we have collected our favorite DIY projects to inspire you. If you have a great geometric project you would like to share, be sure to submit it here!

1. DIY Geometric Stamp

See That There

If you want to create a unique and original print – making your own stamp is a great place to start. The best part is that once you have made it, you can update any fabric or furniture with a great new pattern!

2. Rustic Arrow String Art

Dwelling Happiness

String art is definitely making a comeback! You can completely change the feel of your art by simply using a different backyard – in this case a beautiful piece of wood has created a rustic feel.

3. DIY Painted Geometric Pineapple

Made In A Day

This pattern and these colors are definitely bold! Check out this tutorial which will teach you how to make this eye catching fruit.

4. DIY Cut Pattern Canvas

Joyfully Jensen

Very clean, very stylish – and very easy. If you have a canvas and an exacto knife, this project is for you!

5. Tote-ally Awesome Geo Bag

Rayna Marlee Schwartz

Obviously we had to include this project from our Totally Makeful Challenge! We would love to carry this bag around everywhere.

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6. DIY Paper Light

Wink Studios

We are always looking for new ways to incorporate light into our space and this is such a great project! Illuminate your room with this intricate origami light.

7. DIY Watercolor Washi Tape

Paper & Pin

Washi tape comes in many colors and patterns but how cool is this idea – designing your own watercolor patterns! DIYing your DIY materials will give your project a major handmade feel.

8. Geometric Pencil Cup DIY

Sarah M Dorsey Designs

If your desk is anything like ours, it could probably use some organization! This pencil holder may look like a designer item but it is actually a great DIY to try.

9. Fancy Match Boxes

Lindsey Crafter

We are all about updating drab items with bright colors and great designs and that includes match boxes! We love the idea of slowly DIYing everything around us…

10. Washi Pendant Light

Cheerfully Made

Finally we have our last project – a great combination of geometric light AND washi tape. Win win!


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