Top 10 Book Club DIYs

If you’re looking for a new activity with your friends, starting a book club is a good place to start. You will be exposed to great people, great food, great books – and even better, when it’s your turn to host you will have a great excuse to go all out with the décor. Of course, we aren’t suggesting you destroy any books for your crafting endeavours but if you have some books that could be sacrificed, these projects are for you!

1. Book Inspired Tablescape

Summer book club meeting outside? Yes please! The best part about this table setting is the runner made out of book pages. If you have a great tablescape you would like to submit, click here!

Domythic Bliss

2. Book Garland

Inspired by a floral garland, this project was enhanced to be the perfect addition for a book club! You can use pages from an old book or from some old magazines.

Lindsay Loo

3. Book Inspired Centrepiece

Books can also make really great centrepieces. You can add simple décor items (such as teacups or flowers) with one book or grab a bunch of books and stack them together!

Hostess With the Mostess Blog

4. Book Wreath

What is a DIY list without at least one wreath? Greet your book club guests before they even enter your home with this beautiful project!

Party Frosting

5. Book Page Treat Bags

This project is as simple as it is delicious! Send your guests home with some yummy treats in a unique DIY goody bag.

Ella Claire

6. Candle In A Bottle

Extend the book theme all the way to your candles. Cut out a heart, other shapes or even animals to let the warm candlelight shine on through!

I Love This And That

7. Book Party Invitation

Want to take your book club meeting up a notch and send out invitations? Find inspiration from old library book inserts and invite your guests in vintage style!

Reid Girls Handmade

8. School Book Sandwiches

Of course you will need some delicious snacks and what’s better than these tiny book sandwiches? The project was originally developed for children but we are sure it will be a hit with adults as well!

Kids Activity Blog

9. Book Club Bunting

Every party or event needs bunting – and book club is no different. Make personalized bunting for your group and pass it onto the next host at each meeting!

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 2.21.37 PM
Erin Lion

10. DIY Chunky Tassle Bookmark

For those of us who still read paper copies of books, bookmarks are totally necessary! These bookmarks are so beautiful and could be personalized for each member of your book club – or even used as place settings.

Homey Oh My!

11. Bonus! Check out this list of 40 Great Book Club Novels.

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