Top 10 Mason Jar DIYs

Mason jars are great because they are just so diverse. Food storage? Check! Flower vase? Check! Lighting fixture? Check! The list goes on and on. Here at Makeful we are obsessed with mason jars and wanted to share our Top 10 Mason Jar DIYs. Get inspired!

1. Mason Jar Window Treatment

Obviously, it is quite popular to use mason jars as vases but this project really takes it up a notch. This combination vase AND window treatment will add a rustic touch to your home.

It All Started With Paint

2. Mason Jar Pendant Light

There is something about the warm glow of light shining through mason jars that instantly makes us feel at home. This pendant lighting fixture would look great inside above a dining room table or even outside to illuminate your porch!

The Summery Umbrella

3. Pink Hot Chocolate in a Mason Jar

First of all, who doesn’t love hot chocolate? No one we have ever met! This pink take on a traditional favorite would make such a great gift or party favor.

DIY Candy

4. Summer Mason Jar Luminaries

The only downside to the weather getting warmer is, of course, mosquitoes! Every spring and summer we try to find ways to battle these little guys – and these mason jar luminaries not only do the trick but they look great as well.

The Snug

5. Mason Jar Organizer

It is so easy for a bathroom counter to get cluttered and to lose track of your favorite toiletries. This mason jar bathroom organizer is simple, sleek and so stylish.

The DIY Playbook

6. Banana Bread in a Jar

Obviously, we love banana bread – but we never would have imagined baking it IN a mason jar. Genius!

Made From Pinterest

7. Upcycled Mason Jar with Knob Tops

If you are looking to use your mason jars for purely decorative purposes, this project is for you. You can upcycle old doorknobs and use your favorite colors to create some beautiful décor for your home.

Lolly Jane

8. Mason Jar Herb Garden

It is so nice to have fresh herbs when you’re cooking at home, so starting your own herb garden is a great solution. You can use mason jars as pots and watch your garden grow!

Crafts Unleashed

9. Pineapple Mason Jar

This is such an adorable idea and would make such a great gift. The best part about this tutorial is that it also includes instructions for the pineapple tags!

Yesterday On Tuesday

10. Jar Salad

At Makeful, our staff are really into bringing jar salads for lunch. It started with one pioneer and has quickly spread! Get your co-workers, friends or family into this delicious, simple and healthy meal trend.

Erin Lion

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