4 Tips for Making the Perfect Cupcakes!

The Pursuit of Frosting

Making cupcakes doesn’t need to be hard- check out these 4 fantastic tips!


  • cupcakes
  • vanilla extract
  • a dutch processed cocoa powder
  • pure Belgian chocolate
  • butter
  • icing
  • garnishes
  • saran wrap

How to make it

Step 1: Spend to savour- use premium ingredients! (vanilla extract, a dutch process cocoa powder, and pure Belgian chocolate)

Step 2: Run for cover- to keep them moist, fresh, and delicious make sure you cover them as soon as possible with saran wrap

Step 3: Let that butter cream!

Step 4: Fake it till you make it- icing the perfect cupcake is tricky- cover up imperfections with your favorite garnishes.


Savera Hashmi

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