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Mason Jar Utensil Caddy

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I love all the mason jar crafts being made today. I especially love the mason jars hung from boards and used hanging vases herb planters. One day as I was scrolling through my Pinterest feed I came up with the idea to make a double-sided utensil caddy. There are many variations of utensil caddies that use mason jars, but none quite like this one, which is my favorite part of this project. There can only be one first and it’s very exciting to create something new. This project is my most popular so far.


  • To make your own Mason Jar Utensil Caddy you'll need four pint-size mason jars, four hose clamps, a board, and paint. You can find the full parts list and detailed instructions on my blog at http://www.smallhomesoul.com/mason-jar-utensil-caddy/


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