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Acorn Garland

As a rustic, woodland-loving gal, creating something handmade for the Christmas tree was an essential this year. I had a handful for acorns I collected on a nature walk a few months back that were stuffed in my craft drawer for a rainy day. The snow is falling and the sky is grey which meant today was the perfect day to make something! This DIY only requires three materials and make the perfect tree decoration.


  • twine or string
  • hot glue gun
  • acorns

How to make it

Step 1: Add a drop of hot glue on the acorn.

Step 2: Set the string on top of the glue and let cool for a few seconds. Continue this every few inches until you're happy with the length of your garland (I continued until I ran out of acorns!)


Samantha Brazeau-Wilson

media relations professional & lifestyle photographer / creative entrepreneur / pug mom / maker of Birch Jewellery
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