Mother's Day Gifts from Paige Smith

Charming Soap Gift

Paige Smith

Treat your mom to a special Mother’s Day tea party and these charming soap gifts for each of your guests.


  • 4.5″ mini fine bone china saucers
  • 5/8″ single face satin ribbon
  • 2.5″ scented round soaps
  • Charms with lobster claw
  • Small clasp ring
  • Scissors

How to make it

Step 1: Cut a strip of ribbon to 18″ and lay flat on table with the shiny side down. Place a round soap in a mini saucer and lay both of these elements in the middle of the ribbon.

Step 2: Feed both ends of the ribbon through a small clasp ring and pull it down till the ribbon is tight against the top of the soap. (Visual not shown)

Step 3: Open the lobster claw and attach the charm to the small clasp ring that is holding together the ribbon in the middle of the soap.

Step 4: Grab both ends of the ribbon and tie a bow in the middle of the soap. Trim ends off at a slant with the scissors.


Paige Smith

Hello! I am a digital/graphic designer, stylist, crafter, photographer, thrifter and dreamer. One of my passions is collecting orphaned vintage china saucers and transforming them into jewelry/ring holders and dessert domes. I am inspired by everything French, adore bunnies and obsessed with pink and gold.
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