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Chevron Painted Ties

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We love the look of this fun tie option for your groomsmen if you are looking for something a little outside of the box. It can be difficult to find ties or bow ties in your exact wedding colour. Coral or mint can be a hard shade to find in a tuxedo store, but thanks to paint chips, pretty easy at a paint store. Have your girls over for a tie painting party, or if you are very brave let the groom and his guys attempt their own look over a beer or two. This DIY is super easy and a great way to add your desired colour into bridal party pics.

Photo Credit: Richelle Hunter



  • Plain coloured men’s tie
  • Paint brushes
  • Painters tape
  • Your choice of paint colours (we used latex paint samples by Martha Stewart and CIL)

How to make it

Step 1: On a clean surface, lay down some newspaper or kraft paper to protect from paint splatter or spills. Place your tie on top.

Step 2: Using painter’s tape, cut strips to the desired width of your chevron pattern and place over the tie securing the edges of the tape to the surface so the tie doesn’t move. Continue this until your pattern is completely laid out with tape on the tie. We used varying widths of tape to create a unique, uneven chevron pattern.

Step 3: Using your paintbrush, paint the spaces of the tie between the tape. We used alternating shades of coral, blush, ivory, grey and black.

Step 4: Let the tie sit to dry for one hour at least before removing the tape.

Step 5: Remove the tape. Using a clean, small edging brush, touch up any edges free hand where the paint has bled away from the pattern. Let dry.

Step 6: Pair with your fave button up or tie it on your man. This is also a super fun way to incorporate wedding colours into groomsmen attire.

We chose a chevron pattern, but you could easily follow all these steps for a polkadot, striped, plaid or checked pattern.


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