Children's Raincoats

Our Raincoats are created from PUL (polyurethane laminate film). The girls cut is fuller then the boys so that it twirls! The insides are completely lined with quilter’s cotton for easy care and washable. They close with Velcro for little fingers to do themselves. We designed them long enough to hit the top of boots so that puddle jumping may not get us too wet. All of the above recommendations and modeling have come from both my grand kids!


  • Nappy Bags... they are created from Minkee a very soft plush poly, the pillow is attached and the bag folds into it to form a backpack. Then it is ready to go! They are completely washable and warm for camping or staying at Grammies.


Barb Thistle

We are a creative handmade family endeavor. We have 2 Designers, 2 Models, who also do all of our quality testing and 3 men behind the scenes who help with everything from set up to accounting. All of our pieces are handmade by myself from quilters cotton, PUL and Minkee. I have been sewing and…
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