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Coasting through the snow!

This was my first time using oil paints. I went into my local craft store and asked an employee to show me to the oil paints. Her and I had a bit of fun finding the right colours and paints for my project and my skill level. I came to find that I actually really like the smell of the brand I used!! Weird, I know….
After painting all of my images I noticed that by turning them in a certain direction they look like they form the word “LOVE”. This was completely accidental and probably my favourite part of the whole project!


  • Oil paints in colours of your choice
  • Paint brushes of different sizes
  • A washable mat/surface
  • Cork coasters

How to make it

Step 1: Cover the entire coaster(s) in white paint for a snowy background and use a brush to create swirls in the coat of paint.

Step 2: Come up with pictures that you can paint easily and maybe with the same colour pallette. I chose a poinsetta, wreath, stocking, and Christmas tree.

Step 3: Paint your pretty pictures!! Experiment with colour mixing and different strokes for texture.

Step 4: Let your paint dry in a safe place where the paint won't transfer or get ruined. Warm, dry places are suggested. You may also want to spray a gloss overtop to preserve your image.



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