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Cucumber Rose Gin Cocktails

Gin and Tonic (“Gee-Tons”) play an important role in my family gatherings. Although I don’t remember how it started, it’s now pretty impossible for the siblings to convene without busting out some Bombay and Tonic (woo! woo!). With some rose liqueur that my husband brought back from a trip to France last summer, we decided to up our game this year and create some fancy gee-tons, simultaneously bringing some variety to a sibling night and showing the siblings that we win when it comes to cocktails.

The refreshing cocktail we ended up with is perfect for a summer night on the balcony. Muddled Cucumber and Mint leaves, Lime juice, Your favourite Gin, Rose Liqueur, and top it off with tonic water.


  • Your favourite Gin
  • Rose Liqueur (alternatively, use a rose-essence Gin)
  • Muddled Cucumber and fresh mint leaves
  • Lime Juice
  • Tonic Water to top it all off


Zöe Costanzo

Obsessed with crafting and DIY! Currently I work with cross stitch, crochet, baking, and calligraphy, but I have yet to meet a craft I haven't loved!
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