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DIY Candle Holder

BY Ela
Ela Bella

Autumn is one of the seasons that you can get really creative with many things. Makeup, style, food and of course decoration are some of these things. Don’t you like that colourful nature which can be quite inspiring. One of the decoration idea could be DIY candle holder which you could make with the colourful leaves or pine cones.

I keep collecting cones and colourful leaves, they can make a good effortless decoration or you could just add a few things to make them look even fancier. I love an easy DIY which only takes a little time and this is one of them. All you need a few things from the nature and other bits and bobs. DIY doesn’t have to be complecated and time consuming. Fair enough complicated DIYs look great, but some of us don’t have time for this.

Let’s start with this DIY! If you don’t paint the cones then it would only take max 5 minutes and if you do paint then it won’t be any more than 10 minutes.



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